Eight values that are important to us - the Lindner values

Enthusiastic, qualified employees and a trusting, partner-like manner are characteristics of Lindner Hotels & Resorts.

We promote and support the creativity of our staff, in order to meet our guests’ expectations of Lindner quality each and every day, and even exceed those expectations. In doing so, we don’t mind if somebody makes a mistake, because we see mistakes as an opportunity to improve. We trust the abilities of our employees and promote their personal development. 
We rely on transparency, extensive information and regular staff exchange - not just within our individual sites, but company-wide. The Lindner values form the basis of our daily interaction with one another, and we demand and encourage the observance of these values in all parts of the company.

Lindner code of conduct

The basis of our actions.

The professional environment in which we live and work is becoming more complex by the day, so it is important to consider an increasing number of regulations and laws. For Lindner Hotels & Resorts, as a family-run company, it is important to have a common language and guidelines in order to strengthen and maintain our values.

Our values are traditional. We firmly believe that business must be conducted in a manner that is sincere, fair and respectful towards other people, their values and their rights. We set ourselves, as well as all managers and employees, high standards for ethically correct conduct, in accordance with the law. Every single employee is responsible for so-called “compliance with the law”.

For this purpose, Lindner Hotels & Resorts has integrated a compliance management system. This is intended to make sure that compliance is observed and implemented company-wide. We consider compliance to be the correct conduct of the company and our staff - legal, cost-efficient and ethical.

Our code of conduct supports the common corporate philosophy and sets standards of conduct according to which we run the company.

To the code of conduct

Not just better. Different.

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