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... at Lindner Hotels & Resorts!

As a medium-sized family business, we know what it boils down to: Our staff at Lindner Hotels & Resorts are the most important success factor for our company. We do a lot to make employees feel comfortable here. Our goal is to promote the skills and abilities, as well as the enthusiasm and motivation, of our employees at our hotels. We believe that this is the only way to release potential for a continuous performance and quality increase. The satisfaction of our employees is a strategic success factor for us.

We offer a wide range of entrance opportunities and career prospects,

and we need people who can help us make a difference, and who want to contribute their ideas and abilities within our company. At Lindner Hotels & Resorts, you can expect a variety of entrance opportunities and career prospects. Whether it is an apprenticeship, dual course of study, direct entry or hotel management position, we will offer you a secure job in a global growth industry. We offer various jobs, established training, many different training and professional development opportunities, and unbeatable career opportunities at over 30 hotels within our hotel group, in Germany and abroad - all perfectly tailored to you and your personality.

Newcomers from other professional backgrounds are also welcome, as well as skilled people with training in the hotel industry. We offer school pupils two ways to start an interesting career: an established apprenticeship in the hotel industry, or a dual course of study in hotel management. Are you interested in a hotel management role? Have a look at our job vacancies and see what exciting careers we have to offer. Take a decisive step forward in your career and get off to a flying start with a job at Lindner Hotels & Resorts. We look forward to meeting you!

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